25 March 2010

When I'm feeling down

OK, the results over the weekend got me off to a horrible start to the week. Even my wife’s exceedingly delicious Moroccan Chicken after the match couldn’t drastically change my mood. There was a sudden feeling of vertigo, as if I was a school boy again, staring into that big monsoon drain.

Yes, it’s bad enough that Liverpool lost to arguably, our most bitter rival but more importantly, the chance of Liverpool getting into fourth place was obviously, dramatically reduced. It also meant that, having no chance at the title at all this year, we didn’t even do our bit to dent United’s hopes of getting theirs.

That feeling was made even worse as the guy sitting right in front of me in the Thirsty Bull was wearing a United jersey. Not just any jersey though, it had written on the back (where the player’s name would normally be) FACT with the number 18 right under it. Just a little reminder of how awfully close United are to beating Liverpool’s proud record. B**tard.

Anyway, life goes on. And, it did. Monday came as quickly as usual and as soon as I knew it, I was back in my boring old routine at work. Even the heavens seem to be sharing in my pain as the weather changed from the glorious summery sunshine to dreary grey rainy days. OK, I’m being a tad bit dramatic there but basically I wasn’t in good form. At all.

Until Tuesday that is. Sometimes it’s surprising how the smallest of things changes your mood from bad to good in an instant. Most times it’s my wife for just being herself. Normally, it’s my kids. They’ll go DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! as soon as they hear me at the front door. Or, by just doing something plain silly. I’ll try not to laugh but most times I just burst out in laughter. Poof! Bad mood gone.

Sometimes it could even be something as little as the grocery bill adding up to an exactly round figure at the cash register-no change needed. Wow! (OK, OK, I get it. I need to get out more)

This time though, it was my Vespa. Well specifically, the ride on my Vespa on the way back from work that wet and grey Tuesday evening. Let me explain...

I’ve never counted the amount of traffic lights I have to go through on my daily commute but, if I was going by the Navan Road, I’d say at least 10 sets of lights. Well to my surprise, ALL of them were green on Tuesday. ALL of them . Maybe one was probably errr...a reddish-yellow tone but I went through that one anyway so, it counts as green in my book. Of course, I didn’t realise this as I was whizzing by each and every single one of them until I got home. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! A 10 mile city centre/suburban journey without a single stop.

The frown was gone and was replaced by a smile. Suddenly, fourth place seemed possible again...

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