03 March 2010

Football money league

So, the latest figures have been released and unlike the actual Premiership league table, the one below has been finalised at least, until another season.

The information was extracted from a European-wide study of football clubs' finance. As much as football fans try to avoid associating off-field wealth with on-field footballing achievements, the table below (based on annual revenues) doesn't seem too far off the Premiership's league standings over the past 4 or 5 years.

That's just the reality of football these days. Money actually does buy sucess. OK, Newcastle are in the mix but the club's recent bad fortunes are not down to money but more down to severe mismanagement of the club.

The good news is Liverpool have gone up a ranking in the European Top 20 standings thanks to a 167% uplift in sponsorship revenue. Although this says a lot about Christian Purslow's efforts to date, it also reflects on the inadequacy of the old Parry regime that never did realise Liverpool's full potential as the global brand that it is.

Now, hopefully the funds for the new stadium would come along so that we can up the game to next level. As of the previous report, Manchester United makes approximately €80m more than Liverpool on matchday takings alone. That's just matchdays. Imagine what we could do with €80m more...?

By the way, here's the official European Top 20 (revenue figures quoted are in millions):

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