13 March 2010

You dirty old thing

I’ve just realised that my Vespa hasn’t had a proper wash since last summer. That's pretty much close to a year now. I couldn’t be bothered really because before the arctic spell, we had the pleasure of some great tropical monsoon weather (minus the heat). Basically, nature took care of my Vespa and it cleaned itself on my daily commute.

Now, since the sun’s out (with no grey clouds in sight), I might just have a go at cleaning it up. What worries me most is all the grit and salt that’s been accumulating from the roads that might just eat away on the rims and the underside of the frame. The rust is definitely having its way on the exhaust as it’s hanging on by a thread. I think there are a gazillion microscopic holes in it at this stage.

Seriously, I look like Darth Vader’s bastard son (not that gay Luke fella, another one) at traffic lights with smoke seeping out of all directions from my exhaust. Scares the s**t out of 6 year-olds at the back of their mom’s Opel Zafiras.

Conveniently, this might explain my Vespa’s lack of power these days. Of course, this has got nothing (absolutely nothing) to do with my surge in weight over the winter months. Yes, my trusty Vespa needs to get re-acquainted with a Sito Plus sooner rather than later or better still, maybe a PM Tuning pipe. Hmmm.

Yes, a wash is definitely in order. I might get around to this later today. Just in time for the Sunday Scooter Service on errr...Sunday! I’ll most probably have to give the Egg Run itself a miss so, this Sunday’s ride out to Howth might be a good alternative.

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