23 March 2010

The small world of scootering

I just love this globalised world we live in sometimes. I can order parts from Germany, UK and even from far flung places such as Vietnam and the US any time of the day and have stuff delivered right to my doorstep in about a week or so.

Why just last week I received a special 2010 legshield banner (along with some freebies thrown in as well) from a seller on a Malaysian scootering forum. A small piece of Malaysia in Ireland. Brilliant. Thanks Goofball!

Of course, I do realise that as a Dublin-based scooter enthusiast, I do have a responsibility somewhat to support the local scene and when it comes to buying parts/accessories, local dealers. I’d be OK with that of course but for one reason:

The only decent scooter shop in Dublin is the biggest rip-off merchant ever.

I refuse to even put in a link to their site here so that the place can get the benefit of some free publicity.

For example, when asked about Michelin Airstop tubes, they quoted €15 per tube. That’s per tube NOT some sort of package deal where you get a set of two or three. Then there was a time when they were selling Cuppini mirrors (complete right/left set) for over €80. You’d get the exact same ones for at least half the price from our German friends and that includes the delivery costs! The list just goes on.

But, the final nail in the coffin has to be that when asked why prices are so high, their only excuse is that the shipping to this island of ours costs them a fortune.

Really? I suppose, goods sent to the shop are shipped with an ultra high security escort, wrapped in gold-plated bubble wrap and stored in bomb-proof containers. It’s either that or the guys at the shop think Dubliners are just complete eejits...

Personally, I’m just thankful that the scootering community here watches out for newbies like me so I had been warned well in advance. So, when in Dublin, don’t by stuff at that shop on the quays unless you really have to.

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