19 March 2010

The Sunday Scooter Service: Howth

So, other than going the wrong way on a strictly one-way street, the journey over to Howth was pretty straight-forward. As I live over in Blanchardstown, my normal route to Howth (the M50 motorway by car) would be a completely different one to the journey we took on Sunday (coastal roads most of the way).

Needless to say, I’ve been missing a lot by taking the motorway route all this while. It’s a shame I don’t have some sort of onboard camera lashed on to my Vespa as the scenery on the way was just amazing especially since the day turned out to be blindingly sunny and beautiful. Hopefully, the pics below would give an idea of how beautiful it was on the day.

After a quick stop to figure out where we were going to stop for some coffee and a bite (none of us had a clue), we eventually settled on the far side of Howth Harbour.

The sun was shining and the mambo music was playing. It felt like as if we were in Havana or some Spanish coastal village rather than being only 10 miles away from Dublin city centre!

There was definitely a good vibe around the place with loads of people coming up to us taking pictures and just genuinely interested to have a chat about our machines.

Even Howth’s most famous visitors decided to greet us and pose for pictures! Yes, that's two seals you see there in the water. There were about 5 or 6 of them that day.

Eventually, we decided on heading towards the centre of Howth where there was a good Farmer’s Market. I’ve visited Howth with the family a couple of times. My wife’s favourite (and mine too) would be the Seafood Chowder that's sold in the market. Unfortunately for me, we got there too late so, I had to settle for a cold but delicious fish pie and some coffee instead.

All in all, it was a brilliant day for scootering and meeting people. Thanks to the all the guys that turned up and made this quite a memorable rideout. Here’s to the next Scooter Service!

PS: Effective but nervy win against LOSC last night. A win is still a win though and we're through to the quarter-finals. Looking forward now (albeit nervously) to Sunday!

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