31 March 2010

Bo's Egg Run 2010: Dun Laoghaire Part 2

Continuing on from my previous post, after about an hour or so of hanging around for the run to begin and looking at other people's gorgeous scoots, I realised that I hadn't put on the Malaysian legshield banner.

So, on it went and it immediately got the attention of curious onlookers as well as fellow scooter enthusiasts.

Anyway, legshield banner aside, there were still a good bunch of scooters worthy of a mention here. Heh!

A sweet specimen from the SX200 range.

The award-winning Vespa GS160 (more on that later).

This Scomadi made an appearance but didn't join in the run. Would've loved to see it on the road with us on the day.

Some scooter porn especially for my GP-craving brethren back home. I think the two here are actually Indian SIL Lammies but, still very nice looking scooters.

So, a few minutes before 2 o'clock, everyone was gathered around with the intention of getting a group photo. The idea proved too difficult to organise as people were just busy looking at scooters. I managed to squeeze a pic of most, if not all the scooters and bikes present at the pier on the day.

After a quick briefing on the route and final destination, we were off!

Apologies for the dodgy video work. I still haven't gotten my head around this video thing so, do bear with me until I eventually get it right.

Next up, the actual run itself. Woohoo!

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