15 March 2010

Now that we're men

It was just an innocent stroll into Currys with the kids while my wife went off to get some groceries she had forgotten to buy just the day before.

The house is pretty much TV-less these days with only a small, pink 14” CRT TV as the family TV. Desperate, I know. So, every chance I get, I’d pop in to a TV shop just in case there’s any good bargains around.

This time around, it was straight to the back of the shop where they kept the new, sexy and slim LED TVs. No chance of them going on the cheap but I suppose, I can always hope. As I was slowly making my way, my 7 year-old daughter gave me a tug.

Daddy, can I go watch some cartoons over there...?

She was pointing at the other end of the shop while my 3 year-old son was jumping up and down, obviously delighted to go along with his sister rather than hang around with boring old Daddy.

Fine. Go on ahead...but don’t speak to strangers and scream your head off if anyone dodgy bothers you.

At least that’s what I thought I said to the kids. Some sort of fatherly words advice, of course.

Anyway, after a couple of minutes of browsing around, I gave up my search of finding a What Hi-Fi award winner for nothing and recalled that I had two other kids (the third one couldn't get away from me as he was strapped in on his buggy) that were glued to some TV somewhere in the shop.

OK come on kids, let’s go find Mummy!

After waiting for what seemed like an age for a reply, the zombie like answer finally came.

Wait...Daaadddyyy...we’re waaatchiiing thisss...

My daughter raised her hand slowly and pointed towards the TV screen in front of her. It was just SpongeBob and Patrick jumping around somewhere in Bikini Bottom but then, the tune made its way into my ears...

Now that we’re men, we have facial hair
Now that we’re men, I change my underwear
Now that we’re men, we got a manly flair
We got the stuff, we're tough enough to save the day!

Aaargh! The tune was now embedded in my head like an X-Factor Xmas single. I couldn't get rid of it. There was no escaping it. It was like an extremely infectious airborne disease...

OK, just a quick note to say that I made it to the Sunday Scooter Service rideout yesterday. I hope to have pics of this posted in the next few days.

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