08 April 2010

The New 2010/2012 Liverpool Jersey: Kit Unveiling

So, the unveiling of the all-new Liverpool 2010/2012 kit finally happened earlier today. At 12am BST to be exact. Woohoo!

What do you think?

Personally, my first impression was that Adidas just got lazy, used their standard template and applied Liverpool colours. Then I looked more closely. The jacquard design although not entirely new, does add to that retro feel while the collar is a nice thick band which is always comfy and a feature that I've always liked on football shirts (I think it makes my face look less fat or something). Plus, the shirt does look good on the players.

My only complaint would be that annoying gold piping on the shirt. Seemingly it adds "class" to the design but I think the only thing it does is that it actually accentuates love handles and beer bellies on the fans. It might look good on Torres, Gerarrd and co. but seriously, we're not all super-fit athletes, you know.

Also, I'm glad they opted for the plain white Standard Chartered as opposed to the green and blue logo that's been floating about on the net. The "shadowed" bit in grey is quite a nice touch as well. Not ground-breaking stuff but then again, it's just the sponsors logo.

Whatever it is, like most Liverpool fans around the world, I just can't wait for my ordered shirt to arrive in the post this May.

My only worry now is that the shirt does come across as a slim-fitting design. So, I hope I've been realistic enough when gauging my own size!

Credit also to Christian Purslow’s team for getting a good deal for the new shirt sponsorship as well as retaining Carlsberg as one of the main sponsors to the club. What the management team would not have forecasted for would be a significant increase in shirt sales in areas that weren’t actually deemed to be significant before this.

I’d say sales would increase by whopping percentages in places such as the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia solely because the brewing company’s name is no longer on the new Liverpool kit. Obviously, I don’t have any inside knowledge on the club’s finances but I’m sure additional funds into the club would be most welcomed. Could just translate into one or two quality signings in the near-future?

Overall, it still looks the part as the attire for the 2010/2011 Champions. Heh. But before then, let’s hope we get through to the Europa League semi-finals by beating Benfica tonight. Now, wouldn’t that bring double joy to fans around the world?

To quote one Jamie Carragher:

...ultimately you always remember the shirts you win things in, so we'll have to win something in this.

Image: New kit pics taken from LFC's official site.

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