04 April 2010

The New 2010/2012 Liverpool Jersey

I've never owned a proper Liverpool jersey.

Oh my God! Especially for a self-proclaimed Liverpool fan such as myself. OK, I do have a repro Candy jersey (the one worn when Liverpool last one the League), a Crown Paints jersey which I got from eBay (I still doubt its authenticity) and a Toffs replica shirt from the 70's.

My 3 year old son has got more of the current Liverpool jerseys than I do. He's got the yellow 06/07 one and the 08/09 grey jersey which I personally think is the most gorgeous of the recent away kits (I've got weird tastes, I know).

The key reason why I haven't bought a proper Liverpool jersey has got to do with the name that's been plastered on the chest for the past 10 years or so. The kids version my son wears doesn't have this and rightly so. FYI, personal circumstances and beliefs dictate that I don't associate myself with the brand.

So, earlier this year, I was delighted when it was announced that the club had found new main sponsors. I was delighted because the new deal not only meant that Liverpool would finally get what it deserved sponsorship wise, it also meant that I, for the first time ever, would be able to wear a current Liverpool shirt.

OK, not that Standard Chartered are superior to Carlsberg on the morality stakes but at least, I'd be more comfortable wearing a shirt that has got credit crunch written on it rather than Hey, let's go for a pint!

It would take too long for me to explain so, let's just leave it at that.

What won't take me too long to explain is that the new kit has been available to pre-order on the official online shop for about a week now. So, out came the credit card and straight to the shop I went.

I was just about to finalise the order when I realised that I had to have a player's name at the back of my shirt.

Which player's name would have the honour of being stuck to my sweaty, hairy back for at least the next two years or so? I'd be tempted to go with the crowd and go along with the more popular choices like Gerrard and Torres.

Or, do I get my money's worth and go with longer names like Mascherano and Kyrgiakos. Maybe I'd like to show my support for some of the unsung heroes in the squad like Lucas or Kuyt? Aquilani perhaps? Even Pacheco?

At the moment, I think I'd go with the one player that epitomises Liverpool more than any other player in the squad, Jamie Carragher (plus I'd be getting value for money on the length of his name)!

Anybody have any other suggestions? I think I'd have until somewhere around May 8th before the shirts get finalised anyway so, all suggestions would be welcomed (whatever the reason).

Until then, I can't wait until that day finally arrives, whatever the name on the back says.

Jersey image: Nicked from the official online shop site. No, the jersey won't be black and the one I'm getting is the long-sleeve version, not the short-sleeve.

Jerseys aside, Liverpool still have a game to play later today. Just as I thought Ryan Babel was turning a leaf, he goes on and gets touchy-feely with Luisao and naturally, gets sent off. Would be interesting to see whether Benitez lets him keep his starting place.

Birmingham seem to be keen on taking big club scalps this season so, let's hope it doesn't turn into a penalty freak show like it did over in Lisbon. That way at least we stand a decent chance against McLeish's men.


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