24 April 2010

Why SIP why?

I got my hands on SIP’s updated catalogue for 2010 recently and as much as I like looking at all the scooter goodies, I’m beginning to regret it already!

Eh, but why? You might ask.

Well, to start off, there’s the small collection of scooter bling that I just have to get my hands on. There’s the usual stuff that I drool over: exhausts, kits, CNC-machined shocks, polished tubeless rims, etc. Then, they just have to top it all off by putting that Glorious Basterd in there as well, complete with that all-new amazing speedo and rev counter combo. Tasty.

So, where’s the problem then?

OK, this is normally not a problem but with the money tight these days, most if not all of the stuff I mentioned there is pretty much out of reach. Even down to something as simple as say, an exhaust bolt replacement. No matter what argument I put forth for the bolt, there’s just no chance the bolt is going to be more important than the broken latch that keeps that fancy touch-bin in the kitchen closed.

Buy latch to fix dysfunctional bin to avoid stinking up the whole house OR exhaust bolt so that Sito Plus can go on nicely and Daddy here can have some more fun on the Vespa? Hmmm...

Anyway, what makes it worse is, unlike an online website, you can’t really switch off a hard copy catalogue lying around the house. But, like an Argos or Ikea catalogue, it sits quietly in a dark corner of your home, summons you to it, beckoning you to flick its pages and then bang! You’re hit with some sort of mind-controlling signal that urges you to Buy, Buy, Buy! Aaarggghhh!

Pure mental torture. Governments of the world, please take note: these catalogues should definitely come with a stern health warning.

Last but not least, a quick word to the guys back in Malaysia (and wherever else you're coming from) making their way to Kuala Kangsar for the Karnival Vespa, Motor Klasik dan Kereta Antarabangsa 2010: Ride safely and hope you guys enjoy this year's event. Remember, don't annoy the locals!

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