12 April 2010

Temptations of the dark side

Some days I look on a modern Vespa and say to myself,
Yeah I'd like one of those as a replacement for my PX...

I've heard from loads of other scooterists who have actually made the switch. Nothing but good words about their new ride. Obviously, with all that modernity, you gain an automatic gearbox which comes in handy in start-stop city centre traffic as well as increased peformance (especially on the GTS300ie).

After reading Scootering's review on the LML 4-stroke, you'd think I'd be tempted to consider that as an option. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against 4-stroke engines but there was just something not right with the whole thing.

It was sad somehow. It was as if the people at LML had put the comatose Vespa PX on life support and the thing was barely surviving (no matter what the good intentions they might have had). It's as if the machine had lost its soul...

Ooooh, getting a bit emo-rock there but maybe the only serious choice IS to go over to the dark side some day. In the meantime the money's tight so, even a trip to the local dealer for a wee test ride is out of the question, just in case I get tempted!

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