30 July 2011


Will be physically and mentally preparing for this over the next few days so, things might be getting slow around here as I re- prioritise.

In the meantime, here's a bit of good news for Halal food hunters around Dublin - a Halal Subway! You never know, it could just come in handy on a late Ramadhan evening.

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28 July 2011

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Not Aquilani
Red or violet? What shirt will Alberto Aquilani be wearing come the official start of the season? The question has been annoying me (along with a large enough number of the Liverpool fanbase) throughout the summer. Like an itch on my back that I just can't seem to reach.

Stay, and despite having an overly active agent who makes Alberto seem like a very indecisive boy, Aquilani would still be welcomed by the Kop. His qualities are there for all to see. Well, most out there who aren't completely blind.

Leave, and not many would shed a tear. Whine and mumble something maybe but there will be no evident frustration among the support. The money saved from his loan or earned on his sale would certainly help. He never did seem to cut it in England anyway. Always a fraction too slow, they say. But that's the same thing they said about Lucas...

Whatever it is, let's get it sorted ASAP.

26 July 2011

Vespa PX: Black & White Vignette

It's good to see what a bit of playing around on the Camera+ app can do to a normal pic of the Vespa. Maybe, from now on I'll stop immediately deleting those dodgy pics that I can't avoid taking. You never know, apps like the one used here might just be able to change it into something half decent.

24 July 2011

Spilt Milk

No point crying over it.

Yes, the pic above represents the Vespa's rear rack's first failure. Actually, the failure's all mine and I have €1.99 less in my wallet because of it. Thankfully, it was just that and not something more expensive. Next time, I'll remember to better secure whatever I'll be carrying on the rack.

I was going to do some research and look at Liverpool new boy, Stewart Downing's statistics but the weather over the weekend was so good, I decided to park that aside for the moment. Apologies to those waiting on this but I don't get this type of weather in Ireland too often so, I hope it's completely understandable.

22 July 2011

Slim Style

I don't buy clothes too often. My wardrobe is filled with the odd freebie company t-shirt and a sizeable enough collection of souvenir-type shirts from places I've never been to like Harvard University, New York, Monte Carlo and errr...Birmingham. All courtesy of visiting relatives.

Every once in a while though, I do come across pieces of clothing that's just too irresistible to ignore.

Most of the time because it's dirt cheap but mostly because it fits me like a glove.

Oh, and the fact that it's a Slim Fit polo is a bit of a confidence booster (just ignore the XL part of the label). Added to that, the black helps cover up unwanted "curves" too!

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20 July 2011

Liverpool: Dodgy Headline Week

As one that's been following Liverpool for quite some time now, I can safely say that I'm used to seeing sensationalist and wild headlines in the news about my beloved football club. The worst of these has to be during the club's darkest hour when it had to be dragged through the courts to get rid of its cancerous problem - otherwise known as Hicks and Gillett.

Recently though, it's been rather different. Here's a few examples to help clarify my point.

Mark Lawrenson backs Luis Suarez to shine for Liverpool

Maybe I'm way off the mark here but didn't that like already happen last season? What sort of prediction will Lawro come up with next? Backing Dalglish to be proclaimed King of the Kop? Classy defender, horrible pundit.

Bruna to step out of Messi’s shadow

Yup, it seems that former Real Madrid and Liverpool trainee, Gerardo Bruna has a master plan. What better way to step out of a famous compatriot's shadow than to stay away from the limelight and enter a darkened room (a.k.a. English football's second tier), no? Am I missing something here?

Kenny Dalglish splashes cash but Liverpool spirits rise

But? Shouldn't the "but" in the headline be "and"? Let's see, let me think of a time when spirits have been dampened when your favourite football club is out spending some cash on quality players? Hmmm...It doesn't end there though. Of course it doesn't. With a headline like that, one is surely assured of at least a few gems. Here's one...

Unless my eyes fail me, Dalglish is organising a staged recovery.

Errr...no shit, Sherlock? Damn. I didn't see that one coming. Staged recovery, eh? Who would've thought...

So, as you can see, good as it may be for the club, the players and the supporters, from the examples above, it's clear that the return of the Liverpool Way has been quite disastrous for the the more lazier bunch in the press. Long may it continue!

Luis Suarez pic by: Paulblank

18 July 2011

Up In Flames

That night over a decade ago now, was like most back then. Four of my housemates and I were lazily hanging around our inner city flat doing what students do best after a "hectic" day in college.

One was in the living room flicking through all sixteen(!) cable channels that we had just signed-up to. Another was whispering God only knows what over the phone to his girlfriend. The same girlfriend who he'd just waved goodbye to less than half an hour earlier. Two (counting myself) were taking turns having a go at an intense game of Championship Manager (when CM was still good and before the game morphed into Football Manager). CM-fueled Peter Stuyvesant and Dunhil smoke filled the air of the larger of the two bedrooms in the apartment as the remaining flatmate was fast asleep.

It was the middle of winter but the weather was still quite mild by Dublin standards and all five of us were disappointed that we hadn't seen snow. It was such a Malaysian thing. It's as if our Hari Raya photos won't count as pics from overseas if there weren't any snow in the background. We'd be condemned as fraudsters who only popped over to Bandung instead and not Mat Salleh-overseas proper.

All of a sudden, the dude in the living room shouted - snow! He was taking a break from channel-surfing and noticed specks of white falling from the sky through the flat's balcony windows. Three of us dropped what we were doing and rushed to the living room. One was so eager and went straight for the balcony window, opened it and peered out of it. He popped his head back in but instead of child-like smile, we were met with a face of young man who was turning a bluish-green and was half-choking to death.

Errr...that can't be good. That can't be snow, we thought collectively while waiting for our flatmate to catch his breath. But before our flatmate could provide us with an explanation, there came a voice that seemed to come from the heavens at the time...

It's NOT snow you feckin' eejits! It's a car up in flames.

The "heavenly" voice was actually an occupant who was a couple of floors above us and could clearly see through the smoke and falling ash (formerly known to us as snow). And, I didn't think the Almighty would have a thick north Dublin city accent.

You lads have a phone? Well, call the fire brigade will ya...

I picked up the phone and dialled the emergency line. There was no answer and only a strange ringing tone instead.

I can't get through...

What do you mean you can't get through? What number did you ring?


This isn't America! This is Ireland. It's 999.

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16 July 2011

Vespa PX: Badminton Bandwagon

Here's another use for the Vespa's humble rear rack...

Both rider and racket arrived safe and sound.

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14 July 2011

Idiot of the Week: United Fan Goes Shirtless at Bukit Jalil

Seen this doing the rounds on Facebook...

The wannabe male stripper for the night was with fellow family members who appeared to be proper Liverpool supporters. They were watching Liverpool's training session at Bukit Jalil and were fine up to the moment where the star of the YouTube video decided to openly declare his allegiance to United. Apparently, he stood up among the 38,000 or so Liverpool fans on the night and did something along the lines of kissing the badge. Obviously, he isn't the brightest light in the harbour.

The rest of the tale as you can see, didn't end too well for him and his family.

Update 18 June 2011: As the PC police have waved their censorship magic on the video above, I've now sourced a new video (from a much better angle and video quality). Thanks to Ken for pointing this out and to Ardy for supplying the altenative video.

12 July 2011

Vespa: Lomographic Smallframe Selection

If I had the choice, which one would I go for?

Maybe none of the above. It's not that I'm not fond of these little Vespa scooters nor would I have anything against them. It's just that I've never imagined myself on one.


I don't know. I definitely need to find myself one, sit on the thing and ask someone to snap a picture of me on a smallframe some day. Who knows? I might not look half as bad as I think I would on the small Vespa.

08 July 2011

Cause They Were All Yellow

I got back from work earlier today and for some reason, couldn't get Coldplay's songs out of my head. Maybe it's the subliminal promotion of Oxegen that's finally hitting home with my subconscious. It could be worse - I could have Jedward's Lipstick stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.

Anyway, when I got home I pulled out my vinyl copy of Parachutes with the intention of playing the whole album on my trusty Rega P3. But, before I could even pull out the record from its sleeve, I noticed one particular song on the track listing: Yellow.

It made me wonder. Would I have been arrested by the authorities back home in Malaysia for playing Yellow? Sounds like a ridiculous question but be warned - the colour yellow (which includes anything derived or remotely related to the colour) isn't actually the most popular among the powers-that-be in Malaysia these days.

I left the vinyl record in its sleeve when I remembered that I had other more important things to do rather than lounge around and listen to my favourite, politically-charged tunes. I'll wait until tomorrow when I suppose, it would be more apt.

06 July 2011

Remembering The Best Midfield in the World

Earlier this day, Charlie Adam looks like he's closer to signing for Liverpool than ever before. The news came directly via the official site, complete with pictures and a video. So, unlike the imaginary tabloid fodder that tends to fill every day conversations and drive all-round opinion, this piece of news was much more reliable.

As for Adam, I'll hold judgement until he actually takes to the pitch in a Liverpool shirt.  On the other hand, based on watching a the odd Blackpool game, catching highlights on the news and on MoTD (as well as looking at his stats), I certainly like the look of what the man can do. Xabi Alonso he is certainly not but, if all goes well with the transfer and general fit with the club, he does look like he's well capable of contributing as much.

The mention of Liverpool's old pass-master conveniently brings me to an old favourite...

The old tune would need some amount of tweaking to replace the names of Liverpool's new midfielders with the more exotic names of messrs Xabi Alonso, Momo Sissoko and Javier Mascherano. Hopefully, no tweaking would be needed. Because hopefully, the new midfield will earn the right to their own song in the not too distant future.

Charlie Adam pic by: Ronnie Macdonald

04 July 2011

Coastal Plan

As with most plans, this plan was simple. If it ever got to be put into motion that is. And that, was the hardest bit. You see, I've always wanted to go on a ride on my Vespa early in the morning when the only traffic on the roads would be the Garda Traffic Corps who'd be out to breathalyse anything and everything that rolled on wheels. With the authorities in mind, I even had my "papers" in order - otherwise known as the temporary spousal release form.

Like most rides, it would have a destination and mine was the coast. It didn't matter which coast -north or south. It just depended on my mood on the morning. A morning that never went as planned...

My over enthusiasm at a game of football the previous left me so exhausted, I pretty much collapsed in bed as soon as I got home and didn't wake-up until my window of opportunity had passed. Thankfully, I managed to get the desire to head to the coast somewhat out of the system on the very same weekend.

On the way back from our weekly grocery shopping, I decided to bring the family for a drive. I wasn't sure where I was headed but I drove along the coast on the north side of Dublin. After passing Clontarf, I remembered that we had paid a visit to the nature reserve on Bull Island years ago, when there were only three of us rather than the five that currently filled the Peugeot. The weather was reasonably good and although I would've thought twice about riding the Vespa right up to the sandy beach (the salt would've done wonders to the scooter's steel frame), it was more of an easier decision with the car.

It's back to the drawing board with the ride but at least I had a decent time with the family and a little break from our regular routine.

02 July 2011

Egg Run?

Were you ever involved in an egg-and-spoon race? If you haven't been involved in one, you haven't missed much. It's basically a race where one is supposed to run for their lives while at the same time, balance an egg on the tiniest of spoons. This, my primary school teachers told me, passes off as fun at the annual sukaneka. Well, it's not fun.

It's a mere waste of eggs and could be considered chick abortion or something.

Well, at least that was my excuse. In truth, as a fat kid, I wasn't quick enough to win any sort of race never mind a race that required me to keep my balance and not kill a baby chicken in the process. Keen to explore ways out of boredom of the dreaded sukaneka games, I took pleasure in cracking eggs. I'd drop them. I'd throw them. Anything to hear that crack and subsequent splat. I even taught myself to cook so that I'd be given permission to crack eggs at cooking class (egg fried race being the obvious favourite).

Fast-forward 20 years or so and childhood memories started coming back to me one evening.

Don't forget to get the milk for tomorrow. Oh, and eggs. A whole tray of 30 should do...

I was used to getting stuff for the house on the way back from work. My other half is also normally sensible when making her last-minute requests - always bearing in mind that anything ordered would need to fit in the glovebox or in a bag strapped on to the helmet hook. This time though, I was challenged. A whole tray of 30 eggs? On a Vespa?

That was like mass-baby-chicken-suicide or something.

But then, I was reminded that my Vespa was only recently accessorised with a shiny chrome rear rack.

Now's a good time to give it a go?

My wife might have just said, show me what you spent your 30 on, eh? She didn't say that but I still understood. So, with the help of a couple of straps and some curious looking eyes on me, my entire cargo and I eventually made it home safely. If only I had the Vespa when I was a kid...
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