20 July 2011

Liverpool: Dodgy Headline Week

As one that's been following Liverpool for quite some time now, I can safely say that I'm used to seeing sensationalist and wild headlines in the news about my beloved football club. The worst of these has to be during the club's darkest hour when it had to be dragged through the courts to get rid of its cancerous problem - otherwise known as Hicks and Gillett.

Recently though, it's been rather different. Here's a few examples to help clarify my point.

Mark Lawrenson backs Luis Suarez to shine for Liverpool

Maybe I'm way off the mark here but didn't that like already happen last season? What sort of prediction will Lawro come up with next? Backing Dalglish to be proclaimed King of the Kop? Classy defender, horrible pundit.

Bruna to step out of Messi’s shadow

Yup, it seems that former Real Madrid and Liverpool trainee, Gerardo Bruna has a master plan. What better way to step out of a famous compatriot's shadow than to stay away from the limelight and enter a darkened room (a.k.a. English football's second tier), no? Am I missing something here?

Kenny Dalglish splashes cash but Liverpool spirits rise

But? Shouldn't the "but" in the headline be "and"? Let's see, let me think of a time when spirits have been dampened when your favourite football club is out spending some cash on quality players? Hmmm...It doesn't end there though. Of course it doesn't. With a headline like that, one is surely assured of at least a few gems. Here's one...

Unless my eyes fail me, Dalglish is organising a staged recovery.

Errr...no shit, Sherlock? Damn. I didn't see that one coming. Staged recovery, eh? Who would've thought...

So, as you can see, good as it may be for the club, the players and the supporters, from the examples above, it's clear that the return of the Liverpool Way has been quite disastrous for the the more lazier bunch in the press. Long may it continue!

Luis Suarez pic by: Paulblank

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