08 July 2011

Cause They Were All Yellow

I got back from work earlier today and for some reason, couldn't get Coldplay's songs out of my head. Maybe it's the subliminal promotion of Oxegen that's finally hitting home with my subconscious. It could be worse - I could have Jedward's Lipstick stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.

Anyway, when I got home I pulled out my vinyl copy of Parachutes with the intention of playing the whole album on my trusty Rega P3. But, before I could even pull out the record from its sleeve, I noticed one particular song on the track listing: Yellow.

It made me wonder. Would I have been arrested by the authorities back home in Malaysia for playing Yellow? Sounds like a ridiculous question but be warned - the colour yellow (which includes anything derived or remotely related to the colour) isn't actually the most popular among the powers-that-be in Malaysia these days.

I left the vinyl record in its sleeve when I remembered that I had other more important things to do rather than lounge around and listen to my favourite, politically-charged tunes. I'll wait until tomorrow when I suppose, it would be more apt.

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