06 July 2011

Remembering The Best Midfield in the World

Earlier this day, Charlie Adam looks like he's closer to signing for Liverpool than ever before. The news came directly via the official site, complete with pictures and a video. So, unlike the imaginary tabloid fodder that tends to fill every day conversations and drive all-round opinion, this piece of news was much more reliable.

As for Adam, I'll hold judgement until he actually takes to the pitch in a Liverpool shirt.  On the other hand, based on watching a the odd Blackpool game, catching highlights on the news and on MoTD (as well as looking at his stats), I certainly like the look of what the man can do. Xabi Alonso he is certainly not but, if all goes well with the transfer and general fit with the club, he does look like he's well capable of contributing as much.

The mention of Liverpool's old pass-master conveniently brings me to an old favourite...

The old tune would need some amount of tweaking to replace the names of Liverpool's new midfielders with the more exotic names of messrs Xabi Alonso, Momo Sissoko and Javier Mascherano. Hopefully, no tweaking would be needed. Because hopefully, the new midfield will earn the right to their own song in the not too distant future.

Charlie Adam pic by: Ronnie Macdonald

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