28 July 2011

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Not Aquilani
Red or violet? What shirt will Alberto Aquilani be wearing come the official start of the season? The question has been annoying me (along with a large enough number of the Liverpool fanbase) throughout the summer. Like an itch on my back that I just can't seem to reach.

Stay, and despite having an overly active agent who makes Alberto seem like a very indecisive boy, Aquilani would still be welcomed by the Kop. His qualities are there for all to see. Well, most out there who aren't completely blind.

Leave, and not many would shed a tear. Whine and mumble something maybe but there will be no evident frustration among the support. The money saved from his loan or earned on his sale would certainly help. He never did seem to cut it in England anyway. Always a fraction too slow, they say. But that's the same thing they said about Lucas...

Whatever it is, let's get it sorted ASAP.

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