27 March 2010

Rockin Road Festival 2010

So, the Egg Run is on later this afternoon. Hopefully, it'll all go well and the organisers will get what they were looking for to help the kids. I'll try to post something up about the run as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here's another fun AND charitable event.

The event is organised by the VCI along with a couple of other bands and DJs. As the flyer implies, the event is primarily to help raise some much needed funds for the St. Joseph's Centre for the Visually Impaired. The centre, like most other places has been quite severely effected by the recession. The government funding cuts don't help either.

Charitable aspects aside, there aren't too many family-type events organised by the scootering community in Ireland so, I'm looking forward to going to this with my wife and kids. Should be a fun day!


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