07 March 2010

Credit where it's due

I’ve been unfair of late. I’ve been unfair because of my persistent ranting about the weather here in Ireland. It’s not that bad. Really.

I had what I considered to be a good week at work last week. One of those weeks where most things go as planned and even if some didn’t, it worked out for the better. Added to that, I was so psyched-up to get things done most of the work for the week got done by mid-day Wednesday.

After that, I was in cruise control mode and got to enjoy more of the little things around me. One of these little things was enjoying the views and general feel of my journey back from work. Last Friday was the first time in an age that I managed to get off work at 5.15, on the dot.

The advantage of that is that I get to see my surroundings in broad daylight. And, what a difference that makes. So amazed was I with seeing Phoenix Park in such good weather, I stopped my Vespa and relaxed for a while on the side of the road, looking as the traffic went by.

OK, it wasn’t actually t-shirt and shorts type weather (it was probably just above 5 degrees) but it was great to have the sun shining and everything relatively dry. Great. More of the same please!

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