05 May 2011

Vespa PX: Saving People from Obesity Since 1978

Another week and another seemingly endless round of emails. The emails aren't work related (thankfully) but revolved around the location of our now weekly football match. Attendance for this week's match was on the wane but that was quickly fixed when the majority decided to push the match back by a day which suited most if not all involved a bit more.

Great but because of the late decision on numbers, the astro turf pitch that we normally played on was fully booked. We were screwed. 

Did this mean that there was going to be no football this week? It was certainly a break from tradition. It could not be allowed to happen. It would be too much of a health and safety risk. Without the hour's worth of weekly exercise, some of us would balloon into horribly obese beings of pure fat, confined to our bedrooms, needing the help of cranes and forklifts to stand a chance of ever leaving our respective houses. Our 15 minutes of fame would be to feature on one of More 4's documentaries on fat people getting sick.

What about the Park? It's free and we've got enough players now to play on a full-size pitch anyway...?

Like a ray of light through a dark sky, those words immediately saved us from visions of our obese destinies. A brilliant idea and that's why I went about my self-assigned mission - to scout for suitable pitches to play on within Phoenix Park.

Not a bad spot for a game of football, eh?

Having said that. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have my Vespa. On two wheels, tasks such as these become all too easy. I can stop more often without annoying the traffic behind me. I can make u-turns without much hassle and track back if I'd taken a wrong turn but the best of all, I enjoy the best of both worlds - the power of an internal combustion engine and the convenience of a bicycle (or even walking) all rolled into one. In short and to paraphrase James T. Kirk, I could boldly go (and I was quite bold on several occasions) where no car had gone before...

Oh, and yes, the mission was accomplished. 


azwazis said...

Phoenix Park....

I've played there before.....hahahah

Chip said...

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out too well. Although the view and the fresh air was brilliant, the football was horrible. The pitch was all bumpy which isn't good for old backs, the grass was too long in patches and there were no visible lines. The only advantage was we picked the side of the pitch that sloped upwards making it harder for our opponents to score!

I suppose, we can't really complain considering that it was all free.

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