01 May 2011

Rebuilding Fortress Anfield

It was probably two or three seasons ago since I've had such a positive feeling when it comes to Liverpool games. Back then, a draw was a major disappointment, playing against European giants were (relatively) easy and winning games were the norm.

So. while analysing today's 3-0 win against Newcastle, a couple of us Liverpool fans came to a conclusion. If we aren't there yet we're certainly close to it. Yes, home games certainly have that Fortress Anfield feeling to it and it's certainly a good feeling.

It's such a refreshing feeling when you're looking towards the top of the Premiership table rather than discussing the next few depreessing relegation battle fixtures with the sole Wolves fan at work. Thankfully, Liverpool are miles away from the position we occupied earlier in the season.

Three more games to go until the end of the season and it's looking quite well.

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