11 May 2011

Liver Bird, in the Closet

I've been quite keen on writing about this matter for as long as I've followed Liverpool but for some reason, I've always found an excuse ("just not worth it" being a constant one) not to write about it. I've hinted at it in several posts but never actually addressed it directly. For a variety of reasons and because of how events have unfolded in the past few days, I feel that now is as good a time as any. So here goes...

Are a significant but vocal minority of self-proclaimed Man United fans secretly fans of Liverpool Football Club?

Seriously, why the obsession with Liverpool? And when I say obsession, I do mean obsession. I do understand that keeping an eye on the competition be it at home or in Europe is a totally valid excuse but it seems like every other Man United fan that I meet has an opinion on how Liverpool should play, who should be managing us, what our owners should be doing, where Damien Comolli should be looking for players and for some reason, I've also heard comments about the shade of red that's on the Liverpool jersey.

One would seldom hear supporters of other clubs (Liverpool included) being so opiniated about the goings on of another club that they presumably do not support.

Of course, as an avid supporter of Liverpool, it's some times nice to hear about how things can be dealt with differently in the club. A neutral's perspective once in a while is always a good thing. The problem with the set of people I am referring to here is, most if not all of the time, their views aren't actually their own views. They're actually the views of the media that they regurgitate onto the ears and eyes of Liverpool fans in an attempt to sound knowledgeable about football. Unfortunately for them, the media tend to go with the more sensational pieces of news and opinions that can vary between half-truths to outright lies so in the end, these people end up looking like muppets rather than footballing experts. Sad but unfortunately for them (and my ears and eyes) also very true.

But still, why go through all the hassle in the first place?

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