29 May 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time (actually, just last night), Wayne Shrek travelled to a land far, far, away (London if you haven't figured out already), to play a match of football.

He lost the match and was quite sad. Nelson Muntz wasn't.

I tend to agree with Nelson but that's just me.

PS: Just waiting for when Mascherano would come out with some I-told-you-so dig at his former club while at the same time trying to justify his move to Barcelona last summer. Maybe he's feeling guilty for having left the club. Anyway, I personally hope he doesn't do it because I used to like the dude so, just drop it Javier and enjoy your well-earned victory. Congratulations.

Update 30 May 2011: Mascherano dedicates Champions League victory to Liverpool fans (video here). Smart move. We like to you too.

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