31 May 2011

Empathy for Zombies

Deprived of my weekly dose of not-so-legal streamed episodes of Game of Thrones, I thought I spent Monday night looking for an alternative. I wasn't expecting much from normal TV but to my surprise, RTE were showing the first episode of The Walking Dead that very night. 

Not actually a direct replacement for the fantasy/soft porn/medieval adventure genre that is the Game of Thrones but a zombie flick is always good entertainment in my books, whatever the occasion. Even the B-grade ones. So, in this case, RTE are certainly pampering its viewers with a whole series of bite-size zombie-filled weekly episodes. Cool.

Anyway, halfway through the episode, like the still normal characters in the story, I was starting to feel some sympathy for the zombies. How would it feel to be a zombie? I mean it's not their fault that they're rotting former human beings that have a craving for human sushi.

Well, short of wanting to munch on a another human being, my curiosity was satiated. The next morning, I felt horrible. Be careful what you wish for, eh? Rest and something to put my mind off this sickness would be best. Maybe Game of Thrones would magically appear again online. That would be good. Maybe not. Where's that Panadol...?


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