03 May 2011

José Against the World

Hopefully, it'll end with a big fat Nil to José and a resounding One to the rest of us Beautiful Game-loving football fans around the world.

Hyprocitical am I?

Well, possibly when you consider that Real Madrid's opponents in tomorrow night's Champions League clash, equally guilty of "unsportsmanlike behaviour".

But, are they really?

Maybe, it's an awfully immature way at looking at things but hey, they (i.e. the dudes in white) started it first. Yes, nobody told Mourinho to field at least three centre-halves in his starting XI (with one permanently marking Messi). Nobody forced him to leave Ronaldo alone upfront without any decent support which inevitably led to regular hissy fits around the Bernabéu pitch. And, nobody certainly didn't want the great Real to settle for Vinnie Jones-led Crazy Gang tactics.

Certainly not with the squad the self-proclaimed Special One has at his disposal.

For every Valdes that Barcelona could muster, Real have a Cassillas. For every Xavi there is a Xabi. For every Ramos there is a Puyol. For every Villa there is an Adebayor if not a Higuain and if those two don't work out, there's always a Benzema lurking somewhere on the bench.

So, what was Mourinho's excuse?

He wanted to win. At any cost. Unfortunately for him, Guardiola could match (and better) Mourinho's high stakes gamble. It wasn't a like-for-like, you tackle me, I tackle you harder game though. Barcelona were never going to be able to match Real's testosterone-fueled strong arm game so, they did the exact opposite - they played like girls. All over the pitch, Barcelona players went down quicker than a bohsia (or whatever it is their called these days) shown a 50 ringgit bill on Saturday night race haram event. If Real were intent on being the big, bad, playground bully, Barcelona were ever-obliging in playing the role of abused victim.

Who do I want to win tonight? I don't think I need to state the obvious again, do I?

Pic by: apasciuto

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