13 May 2011

There's Something About Kenny

The Replacement Managers post that I had written hangs on the right-hand side of this blog like a badge of shame. How could I have easily brushed the King himself aside as a mere caretaker in favour of a handful of pretenders to the Red Throne?

As justification for my actions, I would say it was out of respect for the man. He had done all that he possibly could as a player, manager and more than any other person should have been asked to do following the tragic events after Hillsborough. Yet, there he was again to offer all that he could give during one of the club's darkest hour, to rescue us from the dark abyss of relegation. Surely, I initially thought, by the end of the season, he would've been exhausted by the whole rescue process and would be happy to re-commence his retirement.

Obviously not. Any buffoon would've been able to see the burning desire in the man's eyes every time Liverpool take to the field. No one can deny the joy that is evident when Liverpool score a goal, win a match or string together a couple of sweet passes.

No one man is bigger than Liverpool Football Club but if you ask me or many other supporters of the club, Kenny Dalglish certainly comes close.

Famous Five pic by: Eric the Fish

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