09 May 2011

Maxi Power on the Final Stretch

Having watched the reverse fixture earlier this year at Anfield, I'm sure I couldn't be blamed for expecting a similarly dire game of football tonight. Fulham are a much improved team from those dark winter days but spring has come all out around the Liverpool camp lately and I'm glad that my initial thoughts on the game were proven wrong. 

So, so wrong. 

Nothing says a game was entertaining better than a 7-goal scoreline. And, as biased as might be, I'm sure it was equally entertaining for the Fulham fans as well to see such a footballing masterclass which included Maxi's hat-trick, capped off by a stunner of a shot (with a carbon copy reply courtesy of Steve Sidwell at the other end for Fulham's second of the night).

So, the game came to an end at a glance at the league table looks quite positive (it's amazing how relative positivity is actually). Liverpool lie in fifth with Spurs a mere two points behind with a game in hand. Unfortunately for Spurs, the game in hand is against Roberto Mancini's Man City at Eastlands. Added to that, the North London club are missing Gareth Bale for the rest of the season. I'll leave dreams (some might even say delusions) of Champions League football aside for the moment and hope for a City win or at the very least a draw which would strengthen Liverpool's hold on its current position.

That would set it up just nicely, for Liverpool's home encounter with our European-spot rivals for the season. Now, that's a game I can safely look forward to.

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