15 May 2011

Vespa PX: Black & White

I would've preferred red and silver but just couldn't justify forking out on a pair of Bitubo shocks especially for every day use. With the state of Dublin roads these days, it was either going to be the shocks that would snap in a couple of months, or my back.

So, I went with the cheaper option - a pair of BGM Pro shocks instead. At first, the order was delayed because Scooter Center didn't have the rear shocks in matching black and red in stock. Wanting to make sure I got both shocks in the same colour, I waited a week or so before I realised that it didn't actually matter what colour the rear shock came in. It would eventually become a greasy black within a few days anyway. I went back online looking for a suitable replacement but there were all out, no matter what colour.

Still, I waited but, after another week that was made worse with the constantly pouring rain, I caved in and went for the other cheap option. I had known about YSS' X-Pro shocks  for a while but had never seriously considered them until today.  YSS seem to have a good reputation amongst the twist-and-go scooter crowd but within the classic scootering circle they do appear like a relative unknown. Well, at least as far as I can tell.

After a quick call to Scooter Center (yes, they have customer service guys that speak absolutely fluent English), my previous BGM order was cancelled and the YSS replacements were ordered. Having placed my order on Monday, the shocks reached me via UPS first thing on Thursday morning. Now, to get them on and see whether they're any good. To be honest, as long as I stop going boing boing with every encounter with the slightest crack in the road, I'll be happy.

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