31 July 2010

Green Vespa at Work: Idiot of the Week

Tell me what's wrong in this picture?

OK, let's start off with that orange bike on the right. What's wrong with it? You might ask. It looks OK with me since its parking within the assigned Motorcycle space, you might add.

Well, to start of, very much like idiot drivers that double park (for some odd reason they tend to drive Honda Streams), they haven't got a notion of the problems they cause to other people. Even worse, when told how problematic their actions (or non-actions) can be, these type of people just opt to ignore advice and pleas from others. Like I said, idiots.

Anyway, in this particular case, the  space in front of that orange Suzuki thingy is not some free space. It's an actual car parking space. So, if a car came along and parked there, my Vespa that's (properly) parked in its space is trapped. It's fine for the Suzuki but for me, unless I suddenly go mental on some anabolic steroids an gain the ability to lift over a hundred kilos, I'm pretty much stuck in there.

What do you do with these kind of people? Any brilliant ideas out there? Maybe it's time I go all vigilante on that oh-so striking paint job. Hmmm...

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