29 July 2010

My other car’s a Vespa

You’d see loads of these My Other Car is a [insert name of expensive super-duper car] stickers on beat up or plainly lame cars. Talk about being insecure, eh? On the other hand, considering I occasionally drive around in a Peugeot 307 (that sometimes has Help, Clean Me written in the layer of dirt that constantly envelopes the car), I’d be a good a candidate to have a sticker like this stuck onto my rear bumper.

Fortunately for me, My Other Car is actually a Vespa so, something like this would be more appropriate. Don’t you think?

OK, it’s not actually a bumper sticker but I reckon I’d be able to stick it on to the Peugeot’s rear window, albeit sideways. Maybe I could stick it on to the side windows instead so that my kids get some shade from all those harmful UV rays. Certainly beats those Bob the Builder, Sponge Bob and Ben 10 shade-type things that seem to be a hit with douchebag drivers these days.

By the way, rumour has it Piaggio are thinking of doing a u-turn on their decision to drop the PX from their production line. Seemingly, the suits in Pontodera were so impressed with LML's sales to date, they're thinking of switching back on the one remaining PX production line that they have left (the others were gradually sold to crowds in India over the course of of the last years) and get back into the action themselves.

If true, It'd be interesting what Piaggio come up with in terms of getting around all the EU emissions regulations that effectively killed the PX. Will try to have a bit more on this in the near future...

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