13 July 2010

Thank goodness it's all over

The Copa Mundial is finally over with Spain as deserved winners. In a way, I’m glad that the World Cup is finally over as I was on the verge of going mental listening to all the idiotic commentary coming from all corners.

Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mind the odd casual fan jumping on the World Cup bandwagon just for the fun of it. To quote a female work colleague...

I’m not going to pretend that the biggest event on the planet is not going on. It clearly is so, what the hell, I’m joining in. Come on Argentina!

Yes, Argentina. That was the morning after they whooped North Korea 7-0. Good for her though and I really mean it. It’s not these types of people that annoy me it’s the casual ones that try to pass off as some sort of expert of the game that gets my blood boiling. What about these comments...

[Insert country] should play so like this and they’ll definitely turn things around.

You would know wouldn’t you because you’re barely able to name half the Dutch squad? Try pronouncing Schweinsteiger, eh?

Busquets is a waste of space. Take him off and put on Fabregas, now!

Yes, because all Busquets does is hang around with Xabi Alonso in the middle of the Spanish midfield looking pretty. Surely, he’s not the one that intercepts vital opponent passes and marks the space in-between-the-lines where players like Wesley Sneijder and Mesut Özil like to lurk.

Torres looks like a kid, doesn’t he? Did you know that he’s actually 29?

Why that's news to me. OK, South Africa might be in a different time zone to most around the world but surely, that couldn’t have contributed to Torres ageing by another three years!

But Paul the Octopus said...

Right. There’s just too many for me to bear. In fact, I’ve clearly blanked out the more idiotic comments as a control mechanism to prevent me from shoving vuvuzelas up the offenders’ collective arses.

Thankfully, with the end of the World Cup, there won’t be any withdrawal issues. Liverpool kick-off their Europe League campaign on 29th July. Woohoo!

Oh, and considering that the final will be played in Dublin in 2011, does anyone know where I could get tickets for that match or at the very least get on some sort of priority waiting list? The UEFA site unfortunately has only this for an answer...

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