05 July 2010

Dances with deers

Seeing that the Phoenix Park in Dublin is my usual route to and back from work almost five days a week, I would occassionally travel on the main road through the park later in the evening. It's during these occassions where I would sometimes come across the park's main residents - deers.

The strange thing is, you could never find the deers anywhere near the main road in the light of day. Well, at least not easily and not by yours truly. So, the discovery of the deers' daylight hangout was always left as one of those personal quests waiting to be fulfilled on another day or to be included in the list of useless information worthy as an answer to some random pub quiz. That was certainly the case until a few days ago...

That's my son, not a deer. He's running away from the deers in the background (just in case they get hungry and decide to eat him).

A curious turn off the normal route and hey presto! There I was in Lapland . Without the snow and a big fat man in a red suit, of course. Yes, I had found the Holy Grail. The spot where deers go to during the day in Phoenix Park!

That was during the week (ridng solo on my Vespa) and as I was so happy with my find, I just had to bring the whole family to the same spot again (to prove that I wasn't delusional and just imagined the whole thing as well).

Directions to ultra-secret deer hideout: From the city centre, head towards Conyngham Road (don't enter via the main entrance) which should bring you to the Chapelizod Road. Once on the Chapelizod Road, watch out for the first side entrance into the park. At the entrance, make a left (sign-posted Farmleigh) and follow the road. Watch out for Bambi and Co. on the right of the road!


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