23 July 2010

Standards Corrupted

I received an email in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. It was titled, New Liverpool Shirt. Great. That must be the pre-order reminder for Liverpool's third kit.

When I eventually opened up the email, I immediately noticed something awfully wrong with the jersey. Like any bad rip-off, it had everything but at the same time was all wrong.

After carefully reading through the whole thing, I realised what it actually was. A protest shirt. And a damn good one as well. About time too.

Anyway, is it just me or is it just so obvious that the media (especially the London press) have been going out of their way to praise Liverpool's new manager? About six months ago, when news broke that Milan Jovanović was Liverpool-bound, the only thing you could hear were criticisms of how un-ambitious Rafa Benitez was for taking on a player on a free transfer.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and Roy Hodgson is in charge of the club. All of a sudden, all you hear from the media is about how great Hodgson is for signing on such a quality player (the same player lest we forget) on a free transfer. Huh?

It doesn't end there of course. Suddenly, Liverpool are ambitious and back in the big league because the club had just signed Joe Cole on...wait for it...a free transfer.

Don't get me wrong though. I've got nothing against Hodgson. He is after all, the new Liverpool manager and as such, he'll get my support even if it is riddled with a good dollop of skepticism but, until he does something drastic to change my opinion (selling Insua doesn't help), I can only see him as a good old company man - out to keep his employers happy and make a healthy profit.

Closer to home and my beloved homeland is again in the news over here for all the wrong reasons. To be honest, I'm somewhat glad that United's shirt sales are going to be hit hard but seriously, don't the powers-that-be over in Malaysia have anything better to do? The Mufti of Johor might be secretly an honourary Scouser but isn't it better if they pulled their resources to go out and save abandoned babies rather make fools of themselves?

Or, like Rafa, are Malaysia's religious authorities also prone to some very biased (mis)reporting? I certainly hope so.

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