07 July 2010

The end is nigh

I'm a sucker for good marketing ploys. OK, they don't have to be good in the intelligent sense. Different will do me just fine. So, went it came to some hot sauce packed as a cowboy, I just couldn't resist!

At €6.95 a bottle, it definitely didn't come cheap but I've never been one to skimp on my food. Hence, my ever so slightly big-boned condition. Anyway, the plan is to have a BBQ right before the World Cup final this Sunday. If it's any good (the sauce I mean), I'll report back.

Oh yes, the World Cup. As I write this, Spain had just been confirmed as the other finalist alongside the Netherlands or Holland (still can't figure out what I'm supposed to call this country), courtesy of Carles Puyol. I'm predicting a good final unless the Bash Brothers - Van Bommel and De Jong decide to ruin it all by flying in with some dodgy tackles early on. A good referree and some decent linesmen wouldn't do any harm either.

As always, my instinct is to root for the underdog and in this case, that would be Holland (I've figured it out?) but seriously, can any neutral football fan actually resist the urge to back Spain instead?

Other than the clips of I've seen here and there, I've never actually seen the great World Cup squads like Brazil of the 1970 vintage or the Total Football of Holland in 1974 so really, this Spain squad is definitely the best I've seen live over the past two decades or so. And just because of that, they deserve to bring that chunk of gold-plated metal back to Madrid by the end of Sunday (or whenever it is they fly back).

¡Viva España!

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