15 July 2010

And down came the rain

It was around this time of the year, eight years ago that my father-in-law made his one and only trip (to date) to visit his daughter and I in Dublin. My wife and I had just been married a couple of months beforehand so, it was quite obvious to me that the visit wasn’t just a normal, I’m just dropping by visit.

Being a father myself these days, I completely understood. Surely, he had the right to know how his daughter was doing after moving in with me – basically a complete stranger, 5,000 miles away from home.

If I recall correctly, my father-in-law arrived late in the evening. He was on a business trip to London and seeing that Dublin was only a 45-minute flight away, popped over to check on us kids right after all his meetings. We woke up the following morning to a gloriously sunny day and got ready to take a walk around town.

I instinctively grabbed an umbrella just as we were about to leave the flat. My father-in-law, who was a man that doesn’t usually say much, looked at me curiously.

I don’t think we need that.

He pointed at the umbrella and was more than likely referring to the brilliant mid-morning sun. I could sense that he was being polite. To me, he might as well have said.

You nerd. Who needs a brolly in this weather?!

But, before I could say a word, my wife jumped in like my very own knight in shiny armour.

Oh, we’ll definitely need it. You’ll see Ayah...you’ll see...

Complete with John Locke-it’s-going-to-rain-all-knowing-look. My wife’s father just smiled and we were on our way.

Fine. The nerd can bring along his brolly.

There’s a saying around here and it goes like this: Ireland would’ve been a great country. If only it had a roof. So, true to form, it rained cats and dogs just around mid-day that day. My father-in-law, being the gent that he is acknowledged that both my wife and I were right.

The morale of the story is, when in Ireland, be prepared or you will be soaked to the bone. Unfortunately for me, that lesson didn’t stick in my head. I don’t think I can be blamed though especially since we’ve had the best summer as far as I can remember. A whole month or so of just sun, sun and more sun.

Yes, I was soaking wet when I got home last Friday and then again on Monday. That’s twice in the space of only four days. I didn’t bother bringing along my wet gear with me over the past month. It’s now properly packed in my Vespa’s toolbox, ready for everyday use.

And to think I was actually thinking of changing my rain-friendly Heidenau K58s to some nice semi-slick ones only a few days ago.

So, summer’s definitely over. It was definitely good while it lasted though. One whole month of blue sky sunshine (it did rain but only in the middle of the night) as payback for a dreadfully cold winter. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.


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