02 August 2010

Scooter Sightings: August Bank Holiday Weekend

Had a busy enough Bank Holiday weekend. But as always, the good old Vespa is seldom forgotten. Here's a few that popped up...

Now, where have I seen this Vespa before?

I have to say, I absolutely hated the GTV when it first came out but to be honest, for some odd reason, it has started to grow on me recently. This one's definitely a very nice specimen of the model.

Love the flyscreen on this PX. I wonder whether I could find one in green instead of the blue seen here? Also, I've always had doubts about white walls but the ones here look just right.

You don't see too many of these ETs in good condition these days, especially around these parts. I don't know about the windscreen on this one but it certainly completes the package here.

That's it for the moment. There was a very nice Mk 1 PX spotted at the airport but I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of it. Maybe next time. Oh, and the rest of the weekend wasn't too bad either. I'll have more on that once I've recovered in the next few days...

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