18 August 2010

Typical. So very typical

We had brilliant sunshine over the weekend. It was probably well above 25 degrees. A heat wave by local standards. That's not very typical though. So, after crossing-off a good number of items on my ever-growing To Do list, I reminded myself that my good old Vespa was in need of a wash and you couldn't dream of a better day to do it.

It's not that I clean my Vespa out of vanity or anything. I get it cleaned (once in a while) mainly for practical reasons. Yes, I don't use de-mineralised pure water or something like that to clean my scooter. The aim is merely to avoid kids being able to write Help!Clean Me in the dirt-covered surface of the Vespa, that's all.

If I can avoid that, I'm a happy man. Well, that and if I could rid the Vespa of some troubling grit. A combination of grease and grit had stuck to the frame like glue and I was starting to get worried of the long-term damage it might cause to the steel of my workhorse. Oxidised metal a.k.a. rust comes to mind.

I gave it a good scrub a few months ago, right after the last signs of ice and snow but for some reason, there was still some annoying grit stuck on the scooter. There was no other way to get this horrible combination off my Vespa but to invest the princely sum of €2 on the good old jet spray.

The jet spray did wonders to the chrome and paint job along with revealing some new scratches that had previously been hidden away under all the dirt. As soon as I wiped the Vespa dry, I went off exploring in my garden shed to look for a can of some leftover paint from a few years ago. Some yoga-type maneuvers and a toothpick later, I was finished. A good spin around the estate made sure the scooter was blown dry.

The Green Vespa was errr...Green again, clean and above all, grit free.

But not for long though. Monday came around too quickly (as always) and along with it came the rain as some sort of heavenly pay back for the good few days that we've had recently. Typical.

After a half an hour ride back from work, the Green Vespa was once again a shade of brownish dirt green. Dammit. Ah well, it looked good while it lasted...

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