04 August 2010

Hello Atlantic Ocean

Yes, that's right. I've never come across the second largest ocean on the planet before. I probably flew over it at some early stage of my life but yes, last weekend was my first encounter with the Atlantic Ocean.

Having friends visiting over the weekend was a great excuse for the family and I to jump into the car and bring them along for the 260 kilometers or so drive west to the Cliffs of Moher.

Note to self: Next time I go on a drive, I'll make sure to remind myself that the AA Ireland Route Planner function should only be seen as a guideline rather than absolute directions to my intended destination. The same goes with relying on other people's un-updated sat navs. Unless I was feeling like doubling my travel time and getting non-stop Are We There Yet questions from the kids, just for the sake of it.

Would certainly drive you to do something like this, wouldn't it?

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