10 August 2010

Reflecting on Ramadhan...and Zombies


Note to self: Do not stay up to watch a movie. No matter how good it is. Yes, you look at the time and say to yourself...

Hmmm...movie ends at 3 am. Then, straight to bed and wake up around 9-ish. OK, make that 10-ish. Good plan.

It never works. The kids are bound to wake up right after the movie ends. It takes anything between half an hour or an hour to put them to bed again and then the sun’s up. Sunlight creeps in between the curtains hitting you right in the eyes. You try to get to sleep but between the shining sun and the kids doing somersaults in the next room, your eyes just stay wide open. Good plan is now bad plan. Dammit.

That was the weekend. For the rest of the week, for your sins, you’re destined to walk the Earth like the undead. Running on auto-pilot. You’re a zombie.

Speaking of zombies, I just happen to come across SPAZ on my recent (internet) travels. Seems the Scooter Patrol for the Annihilation of Zombies have been around for awhile. Good idea.

Think I should join up at least, for that cool patch (or sticker) and of course, for my own safety. Maybe not, since I’m sort of a zombie these days. I’ll give it a week and some mega sleeping session. Then I’ll be cured. I’ll have an enormous migraine but I won’t be a zombie any longer. Yay!

PS: Ramadhan’s just around the corner. For those of you who are taking part in it (in whatever form), have a good one...

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