26 August 2010

SIP Tubeless Rims

I caved in. I just couldn't take it anymore and somehow, in my head, I justified to myself why I needed to have the rims even though there were already a perfectly decent pair of ScootRS tubeless ones lying in my living room.

Having copped that the rims were back in stock after a long, long wait, I quickly grabbed my credit card and quickly punched in my details. I have to give it to SIP though. That single green bar with what seemed like a warning of sorts (This article will soon be sold out) when you hover it, did the trick for me. I was so frightened that I would miss my one gleaming chance to get my hands on these rims, I ditched everything else and placed my order. (Note: A week on and it still says the same though).

Polished aluminium. Mmmmm....

SIP valve caps. A nice touch

That was late last week and when Monday came along, DHL were at my door with my rims (along with some other freebies that the good guys at the company decided to throw in the box). It never ceases to amaze me how companies like SIP shift their stuff to customers so quickly but what didn't amaze me this time around was the missing hexagonal and dome-type nuts that were meant to be included with the rims. In fairness, one of the rims had them in its box but the other one clearly didn't.

I immediately went online and popped a complaint to the company. I wasn't expecting much but by Wednesday morning I had received a text message telling me that the nuts had been delivered. I checked my email and there was an email reply from the company saying that the missing nuts were on their way, all within 24 hours after I put in my complaint. Now that's what I call customer service. German efficiency is definitely a well-earned reputation.

Engineered in Bavaria. Made in the People's Republic of China. Or maybe Taiwan?

Now, all I need are some good tubeless tyres to get me going on these rims...

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