06 May 2010

Tubeless Rims Update

As mentioned in my previous post on the tubeless rims, I dropped the folks at ScootRS a quick message to see what I could get off them.

The next morning, I received an email from the company's Customer Service people.

We can send you 2, is this correct still?

A short reply. The exact one I was looking for. No excuses no legal mumbo-jumbo. Just straight to the point, here you go, here's your replacment parts.

If I was being a bit picky, I would've expected the valves to be in the post as soon as they figured out that they had a problem with them. But, to be fair to the company, at least they didn't give me the cold shoulder (which they could have easily done from a few thousand miles away)so again, thanks guys.

While on the topic of valves and tubeless rims, it seems the whole problem isn't actually limited to innovative Vietnamese products. In their latest issue, Scootering magazine reported some minor problems with the valves that SIP supply for their own tubeless rims.

Seemingly, SIP are actively trying to source more suitable valves for their rims.

On different note, I had in my hands this morning, my all-new Liverpool jersey! I could've had it a day earlier if only my wife had made it home a tad bit earlier after dropping my daughter to school yesterday. I'll post something up on this as soon as possible.

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