24 May 2010

Mallorca near Magheramore?

28 degrees Celcius. That's a temperature you just don't get too often around these parts. So, what does one do to celebrate such warmth?

Why, head down to the nearest (decent) beach for the day of course!

OK, we didn't actually get on the Lear (which just happened to be parked in my back garden, beside my Vespa) and fly down to Spain, we just stuffed everything into the Peugeot, mobilised the army eh, I mean family and headed south down the M50.

A colleague at work who lives around the area recommended Magheramore which is seemingly a surfer's haven and a bit more off the beaten track but I opted for the safer, more touristy option, Brittas Bay.

Brittas Bay is about an hour's drive from Dublin, if you don't switch your brain off and blindly follow your pal who in turn, is blindly following his prat nav (damn little things!). Getting lost and ending up at the back of people's farms aside, we still managed to get there early enough to be the first on the beach!

It also meant that I managed to scout out routes to Brittas Bay if ever the urge came around to pop down there on the good ol' Vespa. It'd definitely make a good run any good weekend.

A good swim in the sea (in still freezing and I mean freezing waters), a few Nasi Lemak plus Tandoori Chicken and a decent enough tan later, we left for home. An absolutely exhausting but brilliant day out.

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