08 May 2010

The New 2010/2012 Liverpool Jersey: A First Look

It's finally here! Actually, a few days ago but I've only got a chance to post up the pics last night so here goes...

As expected, the jersey was delivered with a gym bag and a gym towel. One of the benefits of pre-ordering the jersey from the official online store. There's nothing really special about the two extras so, as soon as it was out of its plastic wrapping, my 4-year old son and daughter took possession of the bag and towel.

Yeah, the kids have been trained well.

What about the effing jersey itself, I hear you say. Well, to quote one Rafa Benitez, the jersey is Quality. OK, I might be just a wee bit biased but it actually is. Even the ClimaCool polyester seems of a better quality than the usual Adidas stuff that's out there. I can't explain it but my initial impression was that it feels heavier, in a good way.

My fears of a body-hugging Kappa/Canterbury-style shirt was somewhat laid to rest after I had tried it on. Admittedly, it is tighter than last year's home shirt but nothing to be too worried about. Basically, there's no need to go up a size to be able to comfortably wear this shirt, even for fat old me here.

As you can see, I've opted for the short-sleeve version (as opposed to the long-sleeve one I was looking to get at first) which, funnily enough is longer than usual - the sleeves sit right above the elbows so, either Adidas did this intentionally or I have very short arms. Whatever the reason, I think it looks good.

Now, for the constructive criticisms. Although the jacquard-type pattern is subtle and adds to the shirt's retro feel, I still think that the shirt could do without the gold piping. The piping doesn't add anything obvious to the shirt AND more importantly, accentuates the gut area which is not good news for most fans.

There's also the LFC crest itself. I'm not sure what other clubs do with their shirts but the one on this shirt looks like an iron-on job to me. The way I see it, if I'm paying what security guards in Malaysia get paid in a month, I'd want a bit more quality. If Adidas could properly embroid their logo on to the shirt, why couldn't they do it with the Liverpool crest?

So, to wrap things up, great jersey. I can't wait now to see what sort of job they do on the 2010/2011 away jersey. In advance of the game against Hull tomorrow, I bid this season farewell and good riddance. Here's hoping for a far better 2010/2011!

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