12 May 2010

My secret hobby

I like gardening. There. I’ve said it. It’s like my secret hobby on top of the more obvious interests. OK, the gardening in question is not the rose-planting, flower-picking variety but more of the macho type (if there ever is one).

The macho gardener is the destroyer of weeds and hacks away at unwanted climbers into his garden. He mows the lawn on a regular basis and as a requirement of doing so keeps his lawnmower in tip-top shape, ever ready for the next grass cutting exercise. Manly grunts all-around!

As an example, here’s the type of plant Mr. Macho Gardener would be into:

It’s a plant. Really. OK it’s seen better days but this Dicksonia Antartica or tree fern as its more commonly known as, is my favourite plant. The harsh winter took its toll on the fern and at this stage, I’m not even sure whether it’s dead or alive. There are definitely no signs of life that I can see.

If anyone knows on how to check whether this fern is still alive, do let me know. Please. All I can do now is water it on a daily basis and hope for the best.

I’ll give it to the end of autumn or else it’s bye-bye tree fern! Favourite or no favourite, I can’t have a dead stump from the Southern Hemisphere sitting in that shady corner of my garden for too long.

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