20 August 2010

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

I've always liked Lego. Even these days when I bring my kids a long to the toy shop, I'd head straight to the Lego section. So, it wasn't surprising to me or my wife that while planning for our holidays next summer (hopefully), I somehow ended up on the Legoland homepage.

The first Legoland (yes, there's a few of them) that came to mind was the one in Windsor, England. I had done some work around the area over the last few years and I was relatively familiar with the place. A safe bet and a good Plan B if all else fails. Of course, one couldn't just ignore the home of Lego in Denmark but something else caught my eye while browsing the site - Legoland Deutschland.

Germany, although not your traditional tourist haunt does seem to be the most economically viable option in these times of recession. It's within the Eurozone so, there'd be none of this exchange rate nonsense, flights from Ireland to Germany always seem on the cheaper end and now, one other thing.

Yes, that giant Lego man standing over the town of Gunzburg in the middle of the map, is where Legoland Deutschland is supposed to be.  While looking at the map and the accompanying directions, it was quite evident to me that Munich was the closest city. Then, something else came to mind. What else was around the area?

I knew Landsberg am Lech sounded familiar. The fact that it was conveniently located halfway between Legoland and Munich (well, sort of) made it even better. The kids (and errr...Daddy too) could have all the fun at Legoland and I could squeeze in half a day somewhere to pop over to the home of SIP Scootershop. It's not Pontodera or Mauro Pascoli's legendary Vespa museum but it's certainly close.

Now, all I need to do is save up for the flights, accommodation, scooter goodies(!) and what not. Oh, and there's also the small matter of finding something that might interest the wife while in the area to make it the near-perfect holiday plan.

Any suggestions?

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