15 June 2010

Scooter sightings

Ah, the sun. It brings out the best in people. It also brings out the best in previously hidden vehicles. Convertibles would eagerly get their tops down (probably only the second time this year), all sorts of hairy weekend warriors start to fill the streets with their two-wheeled contraptions and of course, as if to complete the Mediterranean-type weather, they'd be lots of scooters about too.

Had been eyeing this smallframe at Carl's place for awhile now. Good to see that it's finally on the road. A Vespa 90 Racer if I'm not way off the mark.

This PX at its usual spot outside Hogans. Seen here with the Green Vespa.

LML amongst the bicycles

I had my camera out last weekend as the probability of finding some rarities parked on footpaths were quite high.  Unfortunately, all I could find were the scooters above. Maybe there was something on that I didn't know about. Maybe people were just staying indoors to catch the World Cup.

Maybe I'm just starting to run out of things to write...

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