23 February 2010

Scooter repair and servicing

Where do Dublin-based scooterists go to get their rides repaired, serviced, etc.? Every time the question pops up, Carl at M and C Scooters gets mentioned. They don't have a website really so, I thought I'd do Carl a small favour by giving his place some web presence!

The place looks a bit rough at the moment but
he's just moved in. Should be sorted in no time.


M and C Scooters
Modern and Classic Scooters
Spares and general repairs. Paint work from Crash to Custom. Scooter sales.
1A Thomas Davis Street West
(off Emett Road)
Dublin 8
Tel: Not there yet
Mobile: +353 (0)86 365 2823

Now, before you think I've gone all mental and put up a dodgy address that's way across the other side of town, relax-I've got it right. They've moved to the new place right after the new year. So, don't bother looking at the old place in Arbour Hill (and start ranting on about people being lazy, not wanting business, etc.) and scoot yourself over to Inchicore instead.

Oh, and before the conspiracy theorists among you get any ideas, NO I'm not affiliated in any way to M and C Scooters nor will I earn any commission (or any similar monetary benefits) on this. Like it says on the tin, I'm just giving the place some well deserved online space.

Update 24 June 2011: Modern and Classic Scooters logo added

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