15 February 2010

It's Thursday nights now

I like the usual football banter that I have with my colleagues at work. Although a diverse bunch of football fans (including decent United fans), I'm fortunate enough that they're not the type that merely regurgitates the bile that's being spewed out by the likes Sky and the written press (well, at least most of them).

So, most of the conversations are decent enough and don't start off with idiotic and baseless comments like, That Rafa is a twat...Rotation doesn't work...zonal-marking is stupid...blah...blah..blah.

Most chats start off with the likes of, Who are you guys playing next/this weekend...

Then, in a nutshell, we'll get into analysing the two teams, tactics and predict a result (sadly, I was correct when it came to our game against Arsenal including that Diaby would score!). On this particular occasion, when asked the standard bi-weekly question I automatically replied.

We're playing on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Can't remember who against but I'll look it up...

At that moment, it dawned on me. Liverpool weren't in the Champions League anymore. We're in that tournament no one ever watches except when they go channel roaming to find something decent to watch. The tournament that no one really cares if you lose it or win it. Liverpool are in the Europa League!

Errr...actually we're playing on Thursday. Against Unirea. Some club from Romania.

I quickly corrected myself.

Thursday night? That'll ruin my weekly routine. From now on, my footballing nights will be on Thursdays? Eh? I'll need to explain that to the wife. It'll clash with her late night shopping. It'll clash with Lost (OK, I know no one else watches this any more but I just have to see what happens in the end!). I'll have to refill my Vespa on Wednesday night instead-when the tank's not even empty. Utterly disastrous.

No, it's just too much hassle. Liverpool will have to finish in the top 4 this season. Nothing less.

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