01 February 2010

Green Vespa in the dark: under the 30 kmh speed limit

As I was riding back home from work a few days ago, I just realised that I don't have any night pics of my Vespa. So, as the traffic was (strangely) light enough that evening, I decided to stop on the side of the road and snap a pic on the mobile.

Coincidentally, the same spot is where the all-new Dublin City Centre speed limit begins. The speed (if you can call it that now) limit, which is set at a ludicrously low 30 kmh (you read right: kmh NOT mph) officially came into place today.

Seemingly, Dublin City Council decided to introduce the limit because: dangerous and inappropriate speed is contributing to road fatalities. So, it looks like the Council's own research shows that Dangerous and Inappropriate speed is the main factor i.e. NOT speed itself. Duh?!?

I just think it's another sly way for the Government to balance their books in these recessionary times...

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