05 February 2010

No poo in the loo?

There are times in your life where you come across something or a situation so profound, it just stuns you. It’s as if Captain James T. Kirk had just blasted you with his photon laser pistol thingamajig and you’re stuck in your tracks.

But then some days, you merely bump into something SO stupid and immature, it actually makes you laugh. You don’t really want to laugh because your mind keeps reminding you, this is stupid, this is childish but you laugh anyway.

The picture was taken in the toilet (obviously!) of the local Starbucks. To those of you who aren’t actually eagle-eyed, here’s what the sign says:

Please only put toilet tissue down the toilet

And, the Banksy-esque reply:

What about the poo?

Classic. I literally pissed myself laughing. Indeed, genius does come in various guises.

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