11 February 2010

When the cable snaps

A few days ago, the inevitable happened with my Vespa. The clutch cable snapped. It's not like the first time it's happened. It's just the first time it's happened when I'm miles away from home AND didn't have any spare cables or tools with me.


So, there I was in the middle of Phoenix Park doing half-wheelies in the dark trying to get a move on while roaming herds of deers looked on. 

Thank God, I made it home safely. Like my Vespa, ALL the lights were green on the way home (or maybe it was just me imagining red as green!) and there weren't any grannies being extra cautious at junctions.

Note to self: don't leave tools and spares at home. They're no use there. A torch light might also come in handy these days...

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